Blueberry & Granola Stack

Blueberry & Granola Stack

A fresh topping combo to try.

We wanted to start brining out a few different quick and easy topping variations for you to try on your next flip up. This combo of Blueberry yoghurt, fresh fruit, crunchy granola and a touch of maple is such a delicious mix. 

750 Calories - 34g protein / 91g carbohydrates / 9g fat

Try increasing the Yoghurt for more protein and or decreasing the granola amount to suit your goals as well (the granola will make up a lot of the calories and carbs). 



  • 2 serves (1/2 cup) of Buttermilk or Salted Caramel TPP mix (266 cals)
  • 1/4 cup of strawberries (13 calories)
  • 1/4 cup of blueberries (21 calories) 
  • 1 serve / 45g of Oat Granola with Berries (192 calories) 
  • 100g Blueberry Greek Yoghurt (95 cals)
  • Optional Sugar free Maple Syrup (70ml = 36 cals)



This one is simple... just whip up a batch of your favourite pancakes, add blueberries into the uncooked side of the pancakes once in the pan. This way they'll cook nicely into the pancakes.

Once all stacked up, add the toppings as listed above. If you want you can also create layers of yoghurt, fruit and granola between each pancakes!

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