It started with a problem.

We got sick of tricky recipes, disappointing results and average-at-best tasting protein pancakes.

So we got started on an easy to make, fluffy and delicious pancake mix made from natural, Aussie ingredients.

Our story.

A crazy pancake addict with a big goal.

Hiya, I'm Luke and I had the idea for TPP in 2019. I then refined and developed the recipe until June 2020 when we launched!

I set out to solve a problem for myself and it's so amazing to have such supportive and appreciative customers. Since launching, I quit my full time job in 2022 to go full pancake mode!

So thank you very much for coming on this journey with me.

If you ever need me feel free to email me at

  • Australian Made

    All of our pancake mixes are made in house here at our facility in South Australia. We use only the best quality Australian ingredients, and as higher Aussie % as we can manage.

  • Natural Ingredients

    We are sick of picking up packets and reading the never ending list of nasty added ingredients on the back. It was important to us to make our mix from simple, natural ingredients without adding all the extra junk.

  • Reducing our footprint.

    TPP was built from the ground up with sustainability in mind. We have always had a strong focus on the materials and processes we use in our production. Some of the ways we are helping to reduce our footprint are:

    1. Recyclable packaging through REDcycle, see here for more information.

    2. The exclusion of a plastic scoop within our product. (everyone has a 1/4 cup measurement or scales!)

    3. Sustainable and 100% recyclable shipping packaging... even the tape!